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Pet Policy

Thank you for considering Mercure Rayong Lomtalay Villas & Resort as your destination for you and your furry friend. To ensure a comfortable stay for all our guests, we have established the following pet policy:

Initial non-refundable pet fee

• Pet under 15 kgs = THB 750 net per night stay, and over weight 15kgs =THB 1,250 per night stay per room.

• Room categories eligible = Executive Room and Deluxe Villa and Maximum only 2 Pets per room.

• We do require guest bringing their pet to our property, to present certification / Vaccination passport.

• Responsibility to Pet Behavior. My signature below confirms my personal responsibility for the behavior of my pet during our stay at Mercure Rayong Lomtalay Villas & Resort.

• Damage and Soiling. I agree to accept full responsibility for any and all damage and/or soiling cause by my pet during my stay. I understand that the cost of repair or additional cleaning requirements (including labor) will be charged accordingly.

• Unattended Pets. I understand that my pet is not to be left unattended in my room at anytime and that my pet must be kept on a leash
at all time in the interior public area and the exterior grounds of the resort property. Unattended pets may be removed from the property without liability on the part of the resort. The guest will assume any costs for such removal.

• We do require guest with pet to keep their pet appropriately at every outdoor dining area.

• Noisy or Disturbing Pet. I understand that if my pet disturb other guests; the resort will have no other choice but refuse to continuing accommodation for my pet.

• Noisy or Disruptive Complaints: If the resort management receives complaints, alternative arrangements must be made for the pet. Kindly note that the pet fee will not be refunded once the pet has been in the guest room. The customer accompanied by pet or service animal is responsible for maintaining care and control of the animal at all time. The company will not accept responsibility for a guide pet services animal’s care. It is owner’s responsibility to arrange for such care.

• Please make sure to pick up or clean every natural needs of your pet. We have a pet friendly garden at your diposal with the needed bags.

Pet policy at resort restaurant

• We do require guest who bring their pets to our restaurant to keep the pet on the floor and not let them sit on the dining tables or any furniture.

• In case the pet owner does not follow our pet policy. The pet owner is aware that they accept a penalty THB 2,000 net.

• The pet owner is aware that they have to bring their own pet food dish and water bowl when coming to the restaurant on the property.

• In case the pet owner does not follow our pet policy and use the dish, bowl, spoon, fork or any tableware of our restaurant with their pets The pet owner is aware that they accept a penalty THB 2,000 net.

By bringing a pet in our facilities you are agreeing to the resort’s pet policies and indemnify the resort for any injuries, damage or loss of revenue or a third-party cause by your pet, as the pet’s owner, you are responsibility for any liability arising from your pet’s action.


We appreciate your cooperation with our pet policy and hope that you and your pet have a pleasant stay at Mercure Rayong Lomtalay Villas & Resort.

Mercure Rayong Lomtalay Villas & Resort ☆☆☆☆address

289 Kram, Amphur Klaeng , Rayong
Thailand 21190
Tel: +6638648999


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