Things to do in Rayong

Things to do in Rayong.

If you are wondering what to do, take into consideration our suggestions for the best things to do in Rayong. In this province, travelers can find amazing destinations to visit and explore. Some of the locations included Rayong Aquarium, Laem Mae Phim beach and Suphattra Land, etc. These destinations are a must-visit for all travelers while in Rayong. Additionally, to intensify your journey in Rayong, our resort, Mercure Rayong Lomtalay Villas & Resort, is here to support your unforgettable experience. While staying at our resort, guests can easily reach the mentioned terminuses. Especially Laem Mae Phim beach, which the Mercure Rayong Lomtalay Villas & Resort has direct access to.


Beach in Rayong


Why Rayong become popular tourist destination

Rayong is a city on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. In Rayong, guests will encounter the feeling of being more local than tourist-oriented. Guests will not see many signs in English or locals who can speak fluently in English. But, visitors will surely meet plenty of friendly Thai students, couples, and families. There are a variety of activity options for different guests with divergent references. Visitors who enjoy beaches, waves, wind, sunlight, and islands should visit Rayong.


Top 5 things to do in Rayong

Explore the islands surrounding Rayong

Explore the enchanting coastal wonders of Rayong through an exhilarating island-hopping adventure, a must-do experience that unveils the region’s natural beauty. Mercure Rayong Lomtalay invites you to embark on a journey of discovery as you visit pristine islands adorned with white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Rayong is surrounded by several beautiful islands, each offering its own unique charm and attractions.

Koh Samet, the most popular and accessible, captivates with its white sandy beaches, clear waters, and vibrant nightlife—offering a perfect blend of relaxation and water activities. Head to the secluded Koh Talu, a private island paradise celebrated for its coral reefs and diverse marine life, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling, diving, and eco-friendly activities. Explore the rich underwater biodiversity of Koh Mun, also known as Turtle Island, where vibrant coral reefs and marine species await eager snorkelers and divers. These three islands—Koh Samet, Koh Talu, and Koh Mun—promise diverse experiences, from lively beach scenes to secluded, natural retreats, ensuring an unforgettable tropical escape.

Skydiving in Rayong

Go Skydiving in Rayong, a must-do activity that promises an unforgettable experience. Witness the breathtaking landscapes of Rayong from an unparalleled perspective. Whether you’re a seasoned adrenaline junkie or a first-time thrill-seeker, our professional skydiving instructors ensure a safe and thrilling escapade. Skydiving in Rayong promises an extraordinary experience. Elevate your stay in Rayong with Mercure Rayong Lomtalay, and make your visit truly remarkable. Prices start from THB 8,300, offering you the chance to add a touch of adventure to your stay with us.


Not only explore new adventures at Laem Mae Phim beach, there are several other things to do. One of them is visiting Rayong Aquarium, a place where visitors can learn more about local marine life. The Rayong Aquarium is a great little stop for guests who travel as family. The entry fee for each visit is 30 baht for one individual. Even the aquarium is not as fancy as some other aquariums across Thailand. But here, visitors can have a chance to learn more about local species. Also gives you a good idea of what they could encounter if diving locally. 

Another activity would be visiting Suphattra Land, a fruit paradise with over 20 different types of the greatest tropical fruits. A destination with over 800 rais (more than 300 acres) of space. Visitors will be led by a tramcar to the orchard’s most captivating locales and discover many fruit varieties. Additionally, visitors can self-pick and sample ripe fruits straight from the trees or enjoy delectable fresh fruits from the displays. The location is open every day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with no holidays.

Enjoy local food

There is plenty of local food and fresh seafood are served in the restaurants and along the beaches. Plus, Rayong has a variety of fun festivals and customs in addition to its tourist attractions. One of which is the Rayong Fruit Festival, which takes place in May when fruit is at its ripest. Numerous events are being held, including a fruit procession, a fruit competition, a Miss Fruit Gardener competition, and discounted fruit sales. Rayong, one of the best travel destinations in Thailand. 

Take a tour of Wat Pa Pradu

If you want to learn more about Thai culture. There is a beautiful temple, located in the heart of Rayong. The temple is known for its stunning architecture, beautiful murals, and a large reclining Buddha statue.

Enhancing the memorable moments with Mercure Rayong Lomtalay Villas & Resort

While traveling to Rayong and exploring new adventures, travelers will surely look for a place to take a break. Mercury Rayong Lomtalay Villas & Resort offers the best resort for guests to recharge themselves and prepare for a new journey.  

Before having thoughts about what the next things to do in Rayong would be, a full and deep sleep would be needed for guests. Therefore, our resort offers 184 high-quality rooms, suites, and villas with full accommodations. A complete accommodation equipped with comfortable beds, bathroom amenities, balconies, direct access to the beach, and so on. There will be a variety of room options for different types of target groups. Furthermore, the decoration of each room is designed in a unique style that fits with the room’s concept. The local wood furniture and the white color of the room background contribute to the rooms’ tropical atmosphere. 


acommodations in Rayong

Besides, while staying at our resort, guests can admire the beauty of the Laem Mae Phim beach sight from the rooms’ balconies. Visit Laem Mae Phim beach, which is also one of the recommended things to do. Laem Mae Phim Beach or Mae Phim Beach, is known for being one of the best beaches in Rayong Province. The beach is impressive to guests with its white sand and crystal clear water. Together with stunning views and a variety of seafood options. They all create an atmosphere that travelers will definitely fall in love with, head over heels. 

More fun activities at Mercure Rayong Lomtalay

Apart from outdoor activities in Rayong, our resort also offers interesting activity options. Here, the 4-star hotel offers an on-site spa, a fitness center, a peaceful chilling room and an outdoor pool to visitors. These are some optional things to do that our resort suggests for visitors.

At Mercure Rayong Lomtalay’s spa, guests can experience the best treatment from the best therapeutics . The spa uses a mix of soothing scented massages and body washes, through which guests may lift their spirits and improve their general health. Together with the beach ambience, the treatment is upgraded even more.

Spa in Rayong

Furthermore, we also established a huge swimming pool with direct access to Laem Mae Phim beach. A spacious area for guests to enjoy the sunbath and a pool bar with magnificent drinks.

As for guests with fitness needs, the resort set up a fitness center with high-quality and updated equipment. Visitors are free to use the center and exercise their sweat out for more enjoyment.

Last but not least,a chilling room for travelers who prefer a peaceful ambience. A place where they can rest, relax, and recharge, or get lost in the world of books.

If you have nothing to do, then travel to Rayong and visit Mercure Rayong Lomtalay Villas & Resort. A world of promises, with plenty of things to do in Rayong.

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